Updated  08-28-2014   


Practice schedule for JV and Varsity

August 29--NO PRACTICE--Cancelled

September 1---6-7:30pm--Voluntary Practice

                                      Not a Mandatory                                           Practice because it                                         is a Holiday. JV and                                       Varsity are invited

September 2---Varsity Only Away Game 

                     (NO JV Practice)

September 3---6-8:30pm JV and Varsity

September 4---Home game JV and Varsity

September 5---6-8PM

September 6---Quad Matches JV & Varsity


JV Team will not practice on Wednesdays once School starts unless otherwise noted. 

Varsity Team will practice or play Monday through Friday unless otherwise noted on the practice schedule. 

All practices will start at 6pm




PARENTS, the concessions Schedule and the Pre-game Meal Schedule have been updated on the website tabs. Please review the schedules, there were many changes that had to be made. If you have a conflict, please contact another parent to switch a time. Please do not contact the coaching staff. If you require another parents information or phone number, Coach Hagman can provide. Please email him with your request.